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I’m a reporter, founder, and two-time author.

Since 2018, I’ve published essays here at the intersection of work, business, and personal growth. I write from the perspective of a journalist-entrepreneur building a financial news startup.

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A bit more about me

In early 2024, I quit my job as a senior reporter at Business Insider to co-found an independent financial media outlet with investor Anthony Pompliano. It’s called Opening Bell Daily.

My morning column is nationally syndicated on Inc Magazine.

I’ve earned a Fulbright fellowship and a handful of other reporting awards. I regularly speak on podcasts, panels, and at universities.

I’m also the founder of Journalists Club, a community for ambitious media professionals in New York City (apply here).

My books:

I’m currently based in New York City. I grew up in Southern California, and I’ve lived in Hong Kong, Germany, and Spain.

You can connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or via email at philrosen4355@gmail.com.

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Essays at the intersection of work, business, and personal growth from the desk of an award-winning journalist building a financial media startup.


Financial journalist • Co-founder of Opening Bell Daily • Fulbright Scholar • 2x Author